Why Are Pigeons A Nuisance?

Pigeon droppings may kill your plants and can corrode your buildings facades.  Their droppings can receive a fungus growth that can be harmful to humans in the way of the airborne disease, Histoplasmosis.  Pigeons carry fleas, lice, and mites which all bite. They are known to transfer disease from one livestock farm to the next.


 Blackbirds blackbird2

Blackbirds flock in large roost and can cause a public health hazard. Histoplasmosis, which is indirectly transmissible from the bird to humans. The same for Grackles and Starlings.



These birds are often found feeding in Golf Courses, lawns, fields and orchards. Like the Blackbird and Starlings, Grackles can carry the disease Histoplasmosis. Grackles are known to damage or destroy farmers watermelons, tomatoes, cabbage, corn and other crops.  Grackles are very noisy and can be quite obnoxious.


Like Grackles, starlings roost together in flocks in residential areas and can be a source of spreading disease. Starlings are known to cause a problem to gardens or orchards blooming crops. These crops such as grapes, strawberries, apples and cherries can be a big food source of the starling. They also tend to roost in bird houses.

crows2 Crows

Why are Crows A Nuisance?

The American Crow are known to damage agricultural crops and natural resources. Crows are predators to other small bird species. Crows are garbage pickers causing a mess. Garden damage are sometimes blamed by the crow picking at fruits and veggies. Crows were hit hard in resent years with the West Nile Virus.


turkeyvulture2Turkey Vultures

These birds roost in trees or large utility structures, communication towers. The most common problem with Vultures are like most birds are the mess they leave behind from regurgitation and droppings.


blackvultureBlack Vultures

Black Vultures are more of nuisance when it comes to predation on young livestock, as well as the common piles of droppings left behind.  When the Black Vulture flock together they are known to attack young animals that are hours or even days old.

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