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  • Tree Damage Tree Damage


Why are Beavers a nuisance?beaver3

Besides the disease that these Mammals carry, beavers as we know build damns. The problem with damns are that they slow or stop the flow of water which then becomes a nuisance. Damaging drainage systems, covering roads, crop fields and in some cases cause damage to your home or business. The most obvious reason the beaver is a nuisance is Tree Damage.


Beaver (Castor Canadensis): Beavers are herbivores.  This mammal’s diet consists of leaves, twigs, and bark of trees and shrubs. Their favorites are aspen, willow, alder, birch, and maple.  Beaver are nocturnal.  They are the only North American mammal that can change it’s environment.  Beavers can remain underwater for up to 15 minutes.  On average they weigh up to 60 lbs. and 25-35 inches long.

Damage Control and Prevention Methods: Call C.R.N.A.C.

Exclusion: Call C.R.N.A.C.

Zoonoses: Diseases that can be passed to humans from Rabies, Tularemia, and Giardiasis (intestinal protozoan).



Sounds of A Beaver


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