Why are Minks a nuisance?

Minks are carnivores, feeding on birds,snakes,mice,voles,rabbits and are especially troublesome for quail,pheasant,chicken and bird breeders. There body design helps them easily gain access to chicken coops or other caged animals.


Mink (Mustela Lutreola): Minks are strictly carnivorous.  They will eat mice, rats, fish, frogs, crayfish, birds, eggs, insects, rabbits, and muskrats.  They will attack any animal the size of a rabbit, muskrat, duck, or chicken.  They will kill more than they can eat, making devastating results to poultry barns and upland game birds.  Minks are a member of the weasel family.  Minks average 1.5-3 lbs. and 18-24 inches long.


Damage Control and Prevention Methods: Call C.R.N.A.C.


Exclusion: Call C.R.N.A.C.


Zoonoses: Diseases that can be passed to humans from minks are Autonomous Parvoviruses, Aleutian Mink Disease Virus (AMDV), and Tularemia.


Signs of the Mink

Mink tracks look like those of a tiny kitten. If you have dead chickens you may notice there throats are slashed, this is a mink whom drinks they’re blood and other times will bite there heads off.
If Large number of birds are dead lined up in a row, this damage is also a good sign of the mink.


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